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Old News:

May.03: Renovations complete.
Sept.03: Dr. Seth Aubin (postdoc) and Marcius Extavour (MSc) join lab.
23.Oct.03 Vacuum
12.Dec.03: Rb MOT
Jan.04: Dr. Stefan Myrskog joins lab.
17.May.04: Magnetic trapping of Rb
15.July.04: Chip in vacuum; baking...
Sept.05: Lindsay LeBlanc (MSc) joins lab.
27.Sept.04: Atoms (Rb) trapped on the chip!
26.Oct.04: K40 MOT
29.Jan.05: K40 on chip!
4.Feb.05: K40 and Rb87 simultaneously on chip
27.Apr.05: BEC!
May.05: 500 TF
24.May.05: Marcius passes PhD qualifier
6.July.05: Sympathetic cooling! K40 @ 6 TF
12.July.05: 0.9 TF !!!
14.July.05: 0.6 TF
4.Aug.05: 0.2 TF
October.05: 0.1 TF
Nov-Dec05: K-Rb collision measurements
Dec.05: First new chips
20.Dec.05: DFG preprint available.
17.Feb.06: Optical trapping of Rb
Apr.06: Dr. Thorsten Schumm joins lab.
107 A/cm2 in new chips
24.Apr.06: DFG paper accepted to Nature Phys!
9.May.06: Lindsay passes PhD qualifier
28.May.06: Nature Phys article appears online.
17.June.06: Matter wave intereference observation.
8.Sep.06: Double-well splitting of fermions
15.Sept.06: Seth leaves group-for faculty position!
Sept.06: Amir Mazouchi joins the group.
Dec.06: Pixis online.
Nov.06: Dylan Jervis joins the group.
Alma Bardon joins the group.
Selective lattice paper preprint online.
5.Feb.07: Dr. Jason McKeever joins the group.
13.Apr.07: Brian Shuve submits BASc thesis.
25.May.07: Selective lattice paper published.
June.07: Brian wins the Centennial Thesis Award!
August.07: Renovations complete for new lab.
26.Oct.07: See 40K Feshbach Resonance in dipole trap!
November.07: Josefine Metzkes joins group.
22.Dec.07: 39K and 40K MOTs seen in new lab.
6.Feb.08: New chip in vacuum...
11.Mar.08: Nobel Laureate Roy Glauber visits
28.Mar.08: BEC with the new atom chip
25.Apr.08: DFG with the new chip
May.08: Michael, Julie, & Tout start NSERC summer fellowships
24.June.08: Jason wins CQIQC fellowship!
1.July.08: Joseph gets tenure - now Assoc. Prof.!
9.July.08: Lattice chamber arrives from Kimball
1.Aug.08: Dylan passes qualifier.
5.Aug.08: Dave McKay joins lattice experiment
9.Nov.08: Chip chapter available online.
Mar.09: Dr. Karl Pilch joins lattice experiment.
Mar.09: Michael decides on Harvard for grad school; Julie decides on Cornell.
31.Mar.09: Ferromagnetism theory paper on arXiv.
10.Apr.09: Light scattering theory paper on arXiv.
14.Apr.09: Michael and Julie submit u/g theses!
17.Apr.09: Marcius passes departmental defense
4.May.09: John and Gabriello start NSERC summer fellowships.
10.June.09: Marcius defends thesis at SGS! "You can call me Dr. Extavour."
July.09: Michael Sprague joins the group.
13.July.09: Ferromagnetism theory paper online @PRA.
Aug.09: FM observation accepted to Science
23.Aug.09: Lab picnic on the Toronto islands!
Sept.09: Hai-Jun Cho joins the group.
6-10.Sept.09: BEC meeting in Sant Feliu, Spain
18.Sept.09: Ferromagnetism paper appears in Science
21.Sept.09: Matthias Scholl arrives from Kaiserslautern for 6-month exchange
5-16.Sept.09: JHT visits KITPc in Beijing
30.Oct.09: MURI review at Harvard-MIT Center for Ultra-cold atoms
13.Nov.09: Marcius's graduation ceremony!
24.Nov.09: Light scattering paper accepted to J Phys B
29.Nov.09: Ana-Marie Rey visits and gives QO talk
30.Nov-6.Dec: Alain Aspect visits, gives IOS talks
2-3.Dec.09: OLE team review in Miami
7-9.Jan.10: JHT gives invited talk at NewSpin (Utrecht, Netherlands)
5-10.Mar.10: Bob Boyd (Rochester) gives IOS lectures
29.Mar.10: Tanya Zelevinsky (Columbia) gives QO/AMO talk
31.Mar.10: Tilman Pfau starts a sabbatical visit from Stuttgart
5.Apr.10: Felix Stubenrauch arrives from Kaiserslautern for 6-month exchange
21,23,26.Apr.10: Tilman Pfau gives QO/AMO lecture series
6-8.May.10: CIfAR meeting, Montreal
May.10: Nick Proukakis visits
12.May.10: Rajdeep Sensarma visits
6.June.10: Lab party (and scavenger hunt) at the Pfau's
6-10.June.10: CAP congress at UofT
7.June.10: Charles Townes gives Herzberg Lecture
15.June.10: Michael defends MSc report
20.July.10: Peter Kruger visits
25-30.July.10: Alma at ICAP in Cairns
6-12.Aug.10: Joseph lecturing at Michigan quantum summer school, Ann Arbor
16.Aug.10: Shunji Tsuchiya gives QO/AMO seminar
23.Aug.10: Ed Taylor gives QO/AMO seminar
30.Aug.10: Lab BBQ at Joseph's
9.Sept.10: Joon defends MSc report
Sept.2010: Doctoral students Nathan Cheng, Graham Edge, and Dan Fine join the group. Also, Boris Braverman starts his senior thesis. Welcome!
24.Sept.10: Ivan Deutsch visits lab, and gives the CIQIC seminar.
Oct.2010: Alumni news: Marcius in the US congress, on the Energy committee; Stefan now Director of Science at Morgan Solar; Thorsten wins a massive ERC Starting grant. Congratulations all!
18.Nov.10: (now-Dr.) LeBlanc defends her thesis at the SGS. Next stop, JQI...
22.Nov.10: Karyn Le Hur gives joint AMO-CMP seminar & visits the group.
29.Nov.10: Kirk Madison visits the lab.
13.Dec.10: Superfluid transport paper accepted to Physical Review Letters.
Jan.2011: Kirby Schiemann joins the group.
12.Jan.11: Superfluid transport paper published in this week's issue of PRL.
Feb.2011: Lindsay LeBlanc awarded the DAMPhi thesis prize of the Canadian Association of Physics Congratulations!
Mar.2011: Alumni news: Lindsay LeBlanc gets an NSERC PDF fellowship; Michael Yee and John Simpson get NSERC PGS-D's.
13-14.Apr.11: Deborah Jin gives Welsh Lectures and visits the lab
May 2011: Will Cairncross starts a sumer NSERC USRA.
13-14.May.11: GriffinFest at Massey College!
June.2011: Nathan awarded PGS-D and Graham wins an OGS. Congratulations!
25-30.July.11: Shizhong Zhang visits, gives a AMO/QO seminar.
30.July.11: Tony Leggett visits the group
8-12.Aug.11: CQIQC conference in town
15.Aug.11: Carolyn Kierans joins the group
11-15.Sept.11: Dave attends the BEC meeting in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain.
18-12.Sept.11: Nathan attends the MUARC summer school in Granada, Spain.
19-22.Sept.11: Paul Kwiat visits & gives DVS lectures at the Institute for Optical Sciences.
Oct.11: Stefan Trotzky joins the group
18.Oct.11: Preprint of blue MOT paper posted.
20.Oct.11: Stefan awarded CQIQC PDF !
21.Dec.11: Our blue MOT paper featured in a Synopsis in the APS journal Physics.
Oct.2012: Dr. Scott Beattie joins group as a postdoctoral fellow on the chip experiment
Sept.2012: Chris Luciuk joins the group. Welcome!
3.Aug.12: Simon Heun arrives for a 5-month internship.
30.Jul.12: Thomas Maier arrives for 3-month visit from Pfau group (U. Stuttgart).
23-27.Jul.2012: Alma, Stefan, and Joseph attend ICAP in Palaiseax, France.
6.Jul.12: Dave defends doctoral thesis at UIUC. Congratulations, Dr. McKay!
17.Jul.12: Carolyn defends M.Sc! Next stop: Cal Berkeley...
4-8.Jun.12: Dylan & Joseph attend DAMOP in Anaheim. Supposedly not going to Disneyland...
1.May.12: Amy Qu and Ian Kivlichan start NSERC summer projects.
29-31.May.12: Graham & Joseph attend OLE collaboration meeting in Chicago.
27.Feb.12: Dave presents at APS March meeting in Boston
16-18.Feb.12: Stefan, Dylan, & Joseph at the Banff cold atoms meeting.