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On Friday May 13 & Saturday May 14, 2011, a research symposium was held in honour of Allan Griffin and his contributions to physics. The full schedule of events, videos of talks, and .pdf versions of slides are given below. You can also peruse the original web site set up for the event; a list of attendees; and several related links. In general the talks were aimed at specialists in cold atom and condensed matter research. However historical and personal anecdotes about Allan were sprinkled throughout the event.

Allan passed away shortly after the symposium, on Thursday, May 19th. It was gratifying to all of us that he was able to watch and listen over Skype to all the presentations given. It was also wonderful that his family could see how much Allan has influenced physics and left an impression on all of us, and for we researchers to see that his family, including Blair, Kevin, Marion, Matthew, Raymond, Margaret, and Chirstine, were perhaps his greatest supporters.

Organizing committee:
Joseph Thywissen, Chair (University of Toronto)
Jason Ho (Ohio State)
Arun Paramekanti (University of Toronto)
Sandro Stringari (Trento)
Eugene Zaremba (Queen's University)

GriffinFest honour of Allan Griffin's career and contributions to physics.
Massey College, 4 Devonshire Place - The University of Toronto, Canada

Day One – Friday April 13, 2011
All talks are 30 minutes and in the Upper Library unless otherwise noted.

9a - Welcome.

9:15 - Talks. Session Chair: Joseph Thywissen (Toronto) [.mov, 85MB]
Eric Cornell (JILA/NIST Boulder) "The Quantum Optics of Stickiness" [.mov, 380MB] [.pdf]
Sandro Stringari (Trento) "First and second sound in trapped atomic gases" [.mov, 366MB] [.pdf]

10:30a - Break in Common Room. Tea & Coffee

11a - Talks. Session Chair: Mohit Randeria (Ohio State) [.mov, 18MB]
Henry Glyde (Deleware) [.mp4, 170MB] [.pdf]
Eugene Zaremba (Queen's University) "Dissipative dynamics of a harmonically confined Bose condensate" [.mov, 420MB] [.pdf]

12p - Lunch in Ondaatje Hall

1:30p - Talks. Session Chair: Jason Ho (Ohio State) [.mov, 36MB]
David Snoke (Pittsburgh) "Polariton Condensates" [.mov, 620MB] [.pdf]
Jeff McGuirk (SFU) "Spinor dynamics in a finite temperature Bose gas" [.mov, 495MB] [.pdf]

3-4:30p: Tea & coffee available in Common Room.

4p: Lab tours for those interested (Physics Dept, 60 St George, Rooms 023/025, 054/056, & 080)

6:30p - Reception (with family & accompanying persons) in Common Room
7:30p - Formal Banquet in Ondaatje Hall
after-dinner talk: Eugene Zaremba

Day Two – Saturday May 14, 2011

9a - Talks. Session Chair: Vincent Liu (Pittsburgh) [.mov, 47MB]
Philippe Nozieres (ILL, France) video projection [.mp4, 56MB] [.pdf]
Edward Taylor (Ohio State) "Viscosity in strongly interacting Fermi gases" [.mov, 344MB] [.pdf]
Yoji Ohashi (Keio University) "Formation of magnetic impurities, p-junctions, and a spontaneous current state in a superfluid Fermi gas" [.mov, 400MB] [.pdf]

10:30a - Break in Common Room. Tea & Coffee.

11a - Talks. Session Chair: Sandy Fetter (Stanford) [.mov, 42MB]
Hui Hu (Melbourne) "Theory of strongly interacting Fermi gases: from strong-coupling theory to non-perturbative virial expansion" [.mov, 340MB] [.pdf]
Gora Shlyapnikov (Orsay) "Finite temperature effects for rapidly rotating bosons" [.mov, 411MB] [.pdf]
12:30p - Brunch in Common Room.

1:30p - Alumni Session, in Common Room. Tea & Coffee.

Closing remarks

Related links and photos

(above:) Allan giving an invited talk [photo credit: Ray Griffin] [high-res version]

(below:) Allan on Nova's Quest for Absolute Zero

see video on YouTube, especially 1:13:18 to 1:14:18